PCTEL is committed to protecting the environment and promoting the health and safety of our employees and members of our communities. We have made several capital improvements in our facilities, making them safer for the environment and our employees. In addition, we have taken the following actions:

  • Energy saving measures:
    • Installed LED lights in our offices which resulted in significant annual energy savings
    • Installed programable thermostats for more efficient scheduling of our heating and cooling
    • Installed a new roof and more efficient HVAC units in our headquarters building and made improvements to ensure our doors and walls were better sealed to reduce the amount of energy needed for heat and cooling
    • Automated and streamlined many of our production processes
    • Installed automated or touchless drinking fountains, faucets, toilets, and paper towel dispensers
  • Significant recycling measures:
    • Recycling of electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard and metals
    • Recycling of all customer products that are returned to PCTEL for trade-in or disposal
    • Elimination of plastic packing materials and replacement with cardboard material; installation and use of box-making machinery to reduce cardboard consumption
    • Significant reduction in the use of packaging foam and substitution of biodegradable material
    • Contribution by employees of their used shoes and sneakers for reconstitution as material used for sports complexes in under-served communities
  • Retained experts to advise us in connection with the protected wetlands near our Bloomingdale, Illinois plant and to test the water to ensure we are not negatively impacting the wetlands.
  • Established a safety committee to ensure that we have processes in place to protect our production employees and we comply with applicable regulations. For example, the safety committee reviews our process for product assembly when new products are introduced in our production facility to ensure the safety of our employees
  • Require OSHA training for all employees engaged in manufacturing/production

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