PCTEL is committed to environmental stewardship. We have taken the following actions, and our goal is to continue to seek cost-effective methods to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Capital improvements in our facilities, making them safer for the environment and our employees.
  • Working with an outside advisor to better understand the environmental impact of our value chain and to identify opportunities to reduce this impact.
  • Retained experts to advise us in connection with protected wetlands near our Blomingdale, Illinois plant.
  • Recycling of electronics, plastic, paper, cardboard and metals and of customer products that are returned to PCTEL for trade-in or disposal.
  • Elimination of many plastic packing materials and replacement with cardboard material.
  • Installation and use of box-making machinery to reduce cardboard consumption.
  • Reduction in the use of packaging foam and substitution of biodegradable material.

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