PCTEL is committed to corporate governance that serves the long-term interests of our stockholders, facilitates effective Board oversight of our business, and reinforces our accountability to stockholders. We evaluate the diversity, independence, and qualifications of our Board because we believe diversity on the Board better reflects the diversity of our employees, customers, and other stakeholders, and promotes employee recruiting and retention. We have adopted policies and programs to ensure we are prepared to address risks and act in the best interest of our shareholders.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Interview and consider a minority or woman candidate for open positions.
  • Expanded flexibility for remote and alternative work arrangements.
  • Maintain a diverse workforce through leadership mentoring and other hiring, training and retention efforts.
  • Have gender, racial and ethnic diversity as well as diversity of skills and business experience on our Board and our leadership team.

Ethics and Compliance

  • Our Board has adopted and abides by Corporate Governance Guidelines in the conduct of its meetings and establishment of committees. Each committee is governed by a charter setting forth its areas of responsibility for the duties of the Board.
  • Our executive compensation practices are guided by the Compensation Committee of the Board, with assistance from an independent compensation consultant who provides advice and relevant data, in order to establish executive compensation that reflects “pay for performance” and is competitive in the markets in which we compete for talent.
  • We have instituted a system of identifying, classifying, monitoring and mitigating risks that we face. This system is regularly evaluated and overseen by our Board through its Committees.
  • We provide regular cyber security training to all employees to enhance employees’ understanding of the various ways our systems and critical information could be compromised or stolen so our employees can do their part to prevent cyber-attacks.
  • We initiate customer surveys to gather data in order to address customer needs, improve our products and optimize our processes.
  • We investigate our suppliers of conflict minerals to assure they comply with appropriate conflict mineral tracing and protocols.



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