Los ingenieros de PCTEL trabajan en estrecha colaboración con nuestros clientes para diseñar u ofrecer productos que cumplen las necesidades específicas de las industrias a las que atendemos.

imagen de máquina agrícola


When your business covers wide expanses of land, you can count on PCTEL to deliver the connectivity you need to control your machinery, monitor your operations and increase your productivity.

Imagen de fabricación - acercamiento de máquina


PCTEL enhances your operations with smart connectivity that improves process efficiency and maximizes the capabilities of your equipment, all with solutions that withstand the harsh conditions of the manufacturing environment.

Material Handling

PCTEL offers different antenna solutions to enable reliable communications that ensure employees are safe, the equipment is used properly, and materials are handled in the right way to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries.

Imagen militar de helicópteros

Military & Defense

The advanced communications technology of today’s military requires extremely durable and dependable wireless connectivity. PCTEL solutions ensure that critical data can be gathered seamlessly, securely and transformed into the intelligence needed to make informed decisions.

Minería - minero en túnel


PCTEL technology enables mining operations to run smoothly by helping to keep workers safe and vehicles constantly connected in the most challenging conditions.

Seguridad pública, bombero apagando incendio

Public Safety

Public safety agencies and first responders rely on PCTEL antennas and network test and measurement solutions to assure continuous coverage for mission critical wireless communications, indoors and out in the field.

Rail Industry


It all starts with a robust and reliable wireless connection. Roll with the leader in precision antenna technology to provide ridership with reliable wireless connectivity. Use real-time data transmissions to intelligently manage Positive Train Control.

Transporte, vista aérea de autopista


Reliable fleet tracking and dependable connectivity make PCTEL the choice for transportation organizations responsible for moving people, goods and services over distances large and small.

Servicios públicos, petróleo y gas

Utilities, Oil and Gas

As operations become increasingly automated, PCTEL Industrial IoT devices enable utilities, oil and gas companies to improve efficiency, enhance operations, and conserve the resources that power their businesses.

Telecomunicaciones inalámbricas

Wireless Telecom

As technology advances from 4G to 5G in mobile and fixed wireless networks, and consumer demand for seamless connectivity continues to rise, operators turn to PCTEL for solutions that help them manage spectrum efficiently while ensuring peak performance.

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