Wireless Sensor Platform

Multi-Radio Connectivity with Integrated Sensors

The PCTEL® Wireless Sensor Platform (WSP) family is a versatile Industrial IoT product line that offers multiple radio connectivity options including cellular, LoRa, Bluetooth® 5, NFC as well as 802.15.4 support.

In addition to several radios, the PCTEL WSP family includes several sensors to monitor a variety of physical conditions. These sensors can detect gas, air quality, temperature, relative humidity, acceleration, angular rate of change, magnetic field, range, and sound. For solution optimization, the PCTEL WSP can be ordered with a subset of radios and sensors.


  • Cortex M4F 32-bit application processor with 1MB flash memory / 256K RAM
  • 4MB external flash memory
  • GPS receiver included in cellular radio
  • LED indicator
  • Lithium-Ion Polymer battery pack


  • Transportation
  • Utilities
  • Industrial process automation


Need a rugged IoT solution with multiple radio connectivity and sensor options?

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