RF Test Tools Support Services

PCTEL offers calibration services for all scanning receiver products and transmitters. Hardware upgrades may also be available for some scanning receivers. Repair services are available for RF test tool hardware.

Submit the RMA Form before sending test and measurement equipment to PCTEL

RMA Form


All new PCTEL scanning receivers and transmitters are factory calibrated. PCTEL recommends regular recalibration to maintain accuracy.

Please check the calibration sticker on your equipment for the recommended recalibration date. HBflex™, IBflex®, and MXflex®  scanning receivers should be calibrated every two (2) years. Other scanning receivers and transmitters should be re-calibrated annually.

Services Offered for Scanning Receivers and Transmitters

  • Calibration—PCTEL evaluates the performance of the equipment against key performance parameters and restores it to original equipment specifications. Every unit that passes the rigorous calibration test receives a Certificate of Calibration.

Services Offered for Scanning Receivers Only

  • Extended Calibration Report—PCTEL provides detailed performance data generated during the calibration process that is not included in the standard Certificate of Calibration. Extended Calibration Reports can be ordered at the time the unit is being calibrated.

Calibrations are warranted for the equipment’s normal calibration cycle. Calibration services do not extend the scanning receiver’s applicable warranty.

Repairs and Hardware Upgrades

All repairs (in or out of warranty) and hardware upgrades include a warranty on the scanning receiver. For details, see Warranty Information.

Repair service is available for all PCTEL scanning receivers. To obtain service:

  1. Complete the RMA form
  2. An RMA Acknowledgement that includes an RMA number and information on whether or not the unit is in warranty will be sent within one business day.
  3. Please review the Acknowledgement completely.  If incorrect information is found please contact rma@pctel.com and explain any discrepancies so they may be corrected prior to shipment.
  4. Ship the unit with the RMA number clearly marked on the box to the address given on the RMA Acknowledgement Form.
  5. Reference PCTEL’s RMA number on all shipping documentation.
  6. If a PO is required, email it to: rma@pctel.com or fax RMA and PO to +1 301 972 3254

Standard turnaround time is 2 weeks after receipt of the unit or purchase order when applicable. There may be delays due to large quantities or material availability. Work will start once the PO is received.

Units shipped without an RMA number may be returned to the customer without being repaired. The RMA number issued expires in 90 days.

International Shipping Requirements:

  • Customs value will be the price of equipment at the time purchased
  • List shipment (in special instructions, notes or comments section on customs form), as “Return goods for repair/calibration. Controlled goods (not for resale).” For customs purposes use only.
  • Country of origin is USA
  • Warranty Repairs—The Customer is responsible for all shipping expenses, including the Customs Duty and Fees for items being returned to PCTEL. All shipments to PCTEL for repairs are to be shipped DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). Any fees charged to PCTEL will be billed to the customer.
  • Non-Warranty Repairs—The Customer is responsible for inbound and outbound freight, duties, and taxes.
  • In countries where a broker is required for international shipments, please use our freight forwarder, Transgroup. For additional information, contact PCTEL Customer Support.

RMA Form

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