User Experience Test Tools


SeeHawk Engage™ is PCTEL’s family of UE-based mobile network performance test and engineering tools. SeeHawk Engage uses standard commercial UEs instead of modified custom test devices, so you will see the network exactly as your customers see it.


SeeHawk Engage, SeeHawk Engage+, and SeeHawk™ Studio also support PCTEL’s IBflex® scanning receivers for accurate, detailed RF measurements.

  • Runs on commercial phones and tablets
  • LTE, 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth™ measurements
  • Extensive application testing
  • Powerful real-time visualization of measurement data
  • Multi-device testing managed by Engage+™ or SeeHawk™ Studio
  • Advanced playback, troubleshooting, and reporting via SeeHawk™ Studio

Manage Engage™ in the Cloud for Improved Efficiency

  • Pooled, transferrable licensing system
  • Fully automated software updates
  • Remote device and testing configuration
  • Cloud-based log file storage and export

SeeHawk Engage™

Full-featured Android-based tool for drive testing and walk testing using a single smartphone or tablet

SeeHawk Engage+™

Manage up to 7 SeeHawk Engage or Engage Lite devices via Bluetooth

SeeHawk™ Studio

Drive testing and post-processing tool, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux

SeeHawk Engage™ Lite

Installation on any commercial Android device for application-based user experience testing