Products & Capabilities

PCTEL’s products include external and embedded antennas, RF ancillary products, and RF test and measurement tools. We offer best-in-class antenna system design, radio integration, testing, modeling, and manufacturing capabilities for our antenna customers.

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PCTEL provides Performance Critical TELecom technology solutions. Our brand stands for excellence and innovation in antennas and test and measurement solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

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Investor Relations

PCTEL is noted for its financial stability, global distribution, and experienced management team. PCTEL’s strong foundation gives its product groups—Connected Solutions and RF Solutions—the support they need to develop innovative wireless solutions.

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RF Hardware Engineering Capabilities

PCTEL offers best-in-class antenna system design, radio integration, testing, modeling, and manufacturing capabilities for our antenna customers to ensure the performance of RF hardware such as external antenna arrays, embedded devices, and Wi-Fi access points.


PCTEL has over 15 years of experience designing antennas for leaders in a wide variety of industries. We have designed and produced specialized embedded antennas since 2009, with a focus on the industrial IoT, enterprise wireless, and small cells. Our embedded systems team includes in-house experts in design, production, and engineering testing, all with 15+ years of experience. We focus on the latest technologies, including evolving 802.11 Wi-Fi standards, 802.11ad, Bluetooth/BLE, WiHart, and 4G and 5G wireless.


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Antenna System Design

  • Antenna system design for multiple co-located radio configurations
  • Evaluation of installation and environmental challenges
  • Development of detailed platform model for electro-magnetic (EM) simulation
  • Layout design to maximize antenna performance while mitigating interference
  • System level design verification and analysis
  • On-platform test and measurement validation

Embedded Antenna Design and Radio Integration

  • Antenna element design
  • Radome design
  • Subassembly production and test
  • Enclosure design
  • Noise and interference mitigation
  • Creative approach to materials
  • Radio, system, and mechanical Design Verification Testing (DVT)

Turnkey Wireless System Design

  • Specification design/prep
  • Radio and motherboard design
  • Mechanical/enclosure design
  • Test plan design and execution
  • Wi-Fi access points and client devices
  • IoT devices, sensors, and gateways
  • Location appliances
  • Point-to-point bridges

In-House Testing and Modeling

  • High fidelity 3D electromagnetic modeling
  • RF modeling and testing
  • Sophisticated mechanical modeling including FEA and MES analysis
  • Radio Design Verification Testing (DVT) and production testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Pre-certification testing
  • Rapid, accurate simulation and measurements
  • Top of the line Satimo near-field antenna test chambers
  • ETS-Lindgren far-field antenna test range

Custom Antenna and Embedded System Manufacturing

  • Factories in the U.S. and China
  • ITAR and Made in U.S.A. capabilities
  • Assembly and production test
  • Packaging test
  • LEAN manufacturing