Enhance your operations with smart productivity

Smart manufacturing operations rely on connecting people, processes and equipment together to leverage data and implement real time diagnostics, monitoring, and automation systems. PCTEL helps to optimize industrial IoT and workforce connectivity with solutions that withstand the rigors of manufacturing operations and maximize operational improvements, limit downtime and enhance safety and security.


Improve Workforce Productivity

Connect teams and devices with purpose-built wireless solutions that make your workforce more efficient and improve your bottom line. 

Maximize Operational Performance

Automate processes and quickly identify issues with industrial-grade wireless access points and sensors that deliver data in real time.

Ensure Wireless Coverage

Verify your wireless coverage throughout your manufacturing facility to help assure that critical systems are operating wherever they are needed.

Withstand Harsh Environments

Maintain connectivity even in rugged manufacturing environments with innovative, purpose-built, industrial-grade wireless equipment.

Featured Products

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