Scanning Receivers

Precision multi-technology mobile network testing

PCTEL® scanning receivers are precision network testing tools. Designed for drive testing, walk testing, troubleshooting, and monitoring of cellular, WiFi, IoT, and critical communications networks worldwide, they provide the insights you need to improve coverage and quality of service throughout the wireless network lifecycle.

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5G Technology

Fast, accurate coverage testing makes it easy to deploy and optimize 5G NR on mmWave and sub-6 GHz spectrum

Efficient Testing

Simultaneously test multiple bands, technologies, and operator networks with a single portable scanning receiver

Accurate Data

Purpose-built and calibrated to provide consistent data with high dynamic range, sensitivity, and measurement speed


Designed for indoor or outdoor use, PCTEL scanners are field upgradable and supported by multiple testing platforms



Walk Test Kits

PCTEL walk test kits are a convenient solution for testing single- and multi-operator deployments in indoor and densely populated areas including 5G, small cell, and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) networks.

Walk Test Kits Brochure

Signal Analyzer Adapter

Connect directly to a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) head-end for verification and commissioning with an IBflex® scanning receiver and the  SeeHawk® Touch software’s signal analyzer feature.

Antennas, Batteries, and Cables

Contact us for our full range of antenna, battery, and cable options for drive testing and walk testing.

Scanning Receiver Antennas Brochure

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