SeeHawk® Central

Automated workflow management platform for in-building critical communications testing and BDA tracking

SeeHawk Central is a cloud-based workflow management platform for testing, approving, and tracking in-building critical communications coverage and Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES) such as bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs). It makes testing with PCTEL solutions even more efficient, improves collaboration between testing services and public safety agencies, and provides an easy-to-use secure database of building and BDA information.

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Test Service Providers

  • Collaborate with public safety officials for fast approvals of test plans and results
  • Plan tests online while SeeHawk® Touch devices stay in the field
  • Instantly view results and submit reports
  • Schedule reminders and track re-certification schedules
  • Manage your testing business efficiently and identify new opportunities

Public Safety Officials

  • Simplify enforcement of local code requirements for in-building coverage
  • Verify BDA compliance with FCC and manufacturer requirements
  • Receive standardized reports with data that can’t be edited
  • Review and approve test plans and results
  • Schedule automatic re-testing notifications
  • Manage BDA and building information in a secure cloud-based platform


SeeHawk Central was a game changer for our team, allowing us to deploy resources faster, making our onsite resources more efficient and powerful, and giving us the ability to drive more business.

Andrew Masur
Owner & Mobile Solutions Architect, Mobili-Fi


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