Test Tool Care Services

Calibration, Upgrades and Repairs


All new PCTEL® scanning receivers and transmitters are factory calibrated. PCTEL recommends regular recalibration to maintain accuracy.

Please check the calibration sticker on your equipment for the recommended recalibration date. HBflex™, IBflex®, and MXflex®  scanning receivers should be calibrated every two (2) years. Other scanning receivers and transmitters should be re-calibrated annually.

  • Services for scanning receivers and transmitters
    Calibration—PCTEL evaluates the performance of the equipment against key performance parameters and restores it to original equipment specifications. Every unit that passes the rigorous calibration test receives a Certificate of Calibration.
  • Services for scanning receivers only
    Extended Calibration Report—PCTEL provides detailed performance data generated during the calibration process that is not included in the standard Certificate of Calibration. Extended Calibration Reports can be ordered at the time the unit is being calibrated.

Calibrations are warranted for the equipment’s normal calibration cycle. Calibration services do not extend the scanning receiver’s applicable warranty.

Repairs and Hardware Upgrades

  • For scanning receivers, all repairs (in or out of warranty) and hardware upgrades include a warranty.
  • Repair service is available for all PCTEL scanning receivers, SeeWave® platform, transmitters, and battery (power supply) products. Repairs may be performed on returns of in-warranty antennas and Industrial IoT devices if it is determined to be the appropriate course of action.

To initiate service, please use the RMA form on the Product Returns page.

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