Share information reliably across your transportation network

To help you meet the challenges of moving people, goods and services from one location to another, PCTEL solutions enhance the flow of information in real time over your wireless networks, enabling your organization to improve efficiency, safety and enhanced operational control.

We keep Intelligent Transportation Systems connected: Discover why PCTEL wireless antennas enable transportation organizations to confidently connect their networks in our ITS Antenna Solutions Hub.


Smart Roadways

Implement intelligent transportation systems by connecting intersection cameras, traffic light controls and commuter traffic lanes with PCTEL’s robust purpose-built wireless solutions.

Smart Railways

Improve system-wide efficiency and safety with reliable wireless connectivity for remote monitoring, communications, and Positive Train Control (PTC) systems.

Smart Industrial Fleets

Improve efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce costs with reliable wireless connectivity that supports real-time fleet tracking and data analytics.

Smart Transit

Connect buses and trains to improve safety and route efficiency while serving a growing ridership with passenger WiFi.

Featured Products


Monitor Operations

Share information between transportation equipment and back-end operations using PCTEL’s reliable wireless technology solutions.

Track Assets

Our GPS antenna solutions help you easily and reliably track goods and services.

Manage Traffic Flow

Make real-time decisions by managing and controlling the flow of traffic with PCTEL’s wireless communication sensors that can be easily installed on light poles or cabinets.

Improve Rider Experience

Provide reliable WiFi and cellular connectivity and up-to-date scheduling information for passengers on board and at transit centers.

Let’s talk about how our solutions can help you stay ahead of evolving transportation technology.

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