Public Safety Network
Testing Solution

Verify and document critical communications coverage

With this automated grid-based testing and reporting tool, you can ensure public safety and private radio coverage while reducing or even eliminating time-consuming manual processes. Meet and enforce local building codes for Emergency Radio Responder Coverage (ERRC). Create grids and set up tests. Measure and grade by threshold. And auto-generate real time results and submittable reports with one tap.

Kits include our tablet-based SeeHawk® Touch software, lightweight IBflex® scanning receiver, and accessories for in-building or outdoor testing.

Grid Test Features

  • Simultaneous testing – automatically test multiple public safety, cellular, WiFi and private radio frequencies with one tap
  • Automated reports – pass-fail grading to comply with NFPA, IFC, and local codes
  • Commissioning – automatically incorporate equipment room tests into reports
  • Signal quality – fast, accurate, repeatable measurements for P25, DMR, TETRA, LTE/FirstNet and UMTS

Additional Features

  • Indoor walk testing – detailed data for network design, baseline testing and optimization
  • Spectrum analysis mode – troubleshooting and equipment room testing, right on your tablet
  • Antenna verification tool (optional) – fast troubleshooting for DAS and small cell commissioning
  • Outdoor mode (optional) – drive and walk testing for cellular and LMR networks with automatic GPS mapping


Automated testing saves time and money.
Watch the video to see how it works.

We did the coverage testing in about 25% of the time planned. It really has changed the way we do business.

Jason Chambers
Service Manager – Day Wireless Systems
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We can answer your questions about our testing solution and the PCTEL® Certified Public Safety Tester training program.

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