Public Safety Network
Testing Solution

Test, verify, and document critical communications coverage

With PCTEL’s automated network testing solution, you can ensure in-building communications coverage while saving time and money. Test multiple public safety, cellular, and private networks simultaneously using grid or path-based methods. Automate key BDA commissioning tests for Business Critical and Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems (ERCES). And auto-generate submittable reports for compliance with FCC and local code requirements.

Kits include our tablet-based SeeHawk® Touch software, lightweight IBflex® scanning receiver, a one-year subscription to the SeeHawk® Central automated workflow management platform, and accessories for in-building, outdoor, or uplink testing.


  • Uplink testing – automatically measure P25 uplink signal quality by synchronizing with SeeHawk™ Monitor or an uplink test kit
  • BDA commissioning tests – automated testing and reporting for Isolation, Leakage, BDA Sweep, and Signal to the Building Tests
  • Simultaneous measurements – automatically test multiple public safety, cellular network, WiFi and private radio frequencies
  • Automated reports – create grid test and BDA commissioning test reports for local jurisdiction and FCC code compliance within minutes
  • Signal quality – fast, accurate, repeatable measurements for P25, DMR, TETRA, and LTE/FirstNet
  • Cloud-based management and approvals – collaborate with colleagues and public safety officials in SeeHawk® Central


  • Grid-based in-building testing – meet NFPA 1221, IFC 510, and local code requirements
  • BDA commissioning (optional) – enable a broader set of users to perform four key tests recommended by FCC and BDA manufacturer guidelines
  • Indoor walk testing – detailed data for network design, baseline testing and optimization
  • Spectrum analysis mode – troubleshooting and equipment room testing, right on your tablet
  • Antenna verification tool (optional) – fast troubleshooting for DAS and small cell commissioning
  • Outdoor mode (optional) – drive and walk testing for cellular and LMR networks with automatic GPS mapping


PCTEL’s testing solution and SeeHawk Central platform have revolutionized how we conduct business. Generating reports to customers and AHJs has never been easier.

Randy Armstrong
Project Manager, LS Systems, a Division of Sciens Building Solutions

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