Wireless Network Test & Measurement

Gain visibility and insight into your wireless network with real-world data and easy-to-use testing solutions.

PCTEL’s network testing solutions deliver the real-world data you need to plan, deploy and optimize wireless networks. Network providers depend on them to roll out 5G technologies and deliver high-quality coverage for their customers. Enterprises use them to verify their in-building critical communications and meet their own business critical coverage requirements. And public safety agencies rely on PCTEL’s innovative solutions to ensure they can continue to serve their communities in even the most demanding situations.

"In order to be truly successful and fully engaged in providing the best DAS service to our customers, we had to invest in the best tools and software. We did our research and it was the best decision we made. We can’t be happier."

Scott Umemoto
Director of Strategic Technologies – Day Wireless Systems

We can help you find the right solution for your network testing needs.

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