Custom Antennas

As a custom antenna manufacturer, our embedded and external custom antennas are designed to meet unique customer requirements and deliver exceptional performance utilizing the latest cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, LMR, LoRa, ISM, IoT, and GPS/GNSS technologies.

Through the entire design and development cycle, from planning to production, our RF and mechanical design teams will work directly with you to evaluate your performance requirements and develop the best custom antenna solution for your market application.

Read our case study on how our custom antenna solved complex requirements for a large utility customer.

Custom Antennas for Your Application

Custom Embedded Antennas

We design and test integral antennas to work with your specific device and meet your performance requirements.

Custom External Antennas

We design, build, and test custom external antennas to meet unique installation, performance, and environmental requirements.


Antenna System Design

Modeling, layout design, verification, analysis, and on-platform testing for antenna farms and other co-located radio configurations

Wireless Expertise

We have skilled RF and mechanical design teams with decades of experience solving wireless challenges.

Unique design

We identify the most innovative ways to design your products based on your requirements.

In-house testing

We offer world-class engineering manufacturing capabilities supporting our global customer base with highly optimized solutions

"Our devices will be out in the field for 20-plus years in harsh, high-current and high-voltage environments. So, the ability of PCTEL engineers to come up with an optimal design, keeping all those constraints in mind, was a good thing for us."

Samir Badia
Sentient Energy Director of Product Management
Read the Case Study

We are here to work with you. Contact us with your design requirements.

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