Intelligent Transportation

Improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicles and infrastructure

With purpose-built wireless solutions to connect traffic lights and other infrastructure, PCTEL helps you deploy new technologies that improve operations, reduce congestion, and promote safety on roads and railways.

We keep Intelligent Transportation Systems connected: Discover why PCTEL wireless antennas enable transportation organizations to confidently connect their networks in our ITS Antenna Solutions Hub.

ITS Antenna Solutions Hub


Maximize Productivity

Control and manage the flow of information with PCTEL’s reliable purpose-built wireless solutions.

Manage Traffic Congestion

Make real-time decisions to control the flow of traffic with wireless communication sensors installed on city light poles or cabinets.

Reduce Costs

Count on PCTEL for solutions that enable you to automate labor-intensive processes, save time and money, and improve operational efficiencies.

Engineered to Perform

Maintain connectivity with environmentally tested, vandal-proof antennas that withstand harsh chemicals, extreme vibration, and water and dust ingress.

Featured Products


Smart Roadways

Improve intersection cameras, traffic light controls, and commuter traffic lane operations with robust purpose-built wireless connections.

Smart Railways

Share data wirelessly and serve a growing ridership, improving system-wide efficiency and safety, and reduce operating costs.

Smart Industrial Fleets

Improve efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce costs with reliable wireless connectivity and location tracking solutions.

For innovative solutions that advance intelligent transportation, talk with PCTEL today.

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