SeeHawk™ Monitor

Automated spectrum monitoring and uplink testing for critical communications

With SeeHawk Monitor, one system provides two automated applications that make it easier to ensure reliable critical communications. Automated spectrum monitoring helps radio network managers to quickly identify interference and other issues that impact the reliability of critical communications coverage. SeeHawk Monitor’s uplink testing feature makes it easy to ensure in-building systems meet critical communications coverage requirements and are commissioned correctly to avoid interference with the outdoor radio network.

Spectrum Monitoring

  • Continuously monitor spectrum across multiple radio sites
  • Rapidly detect and characterize service impacting noise and interference
  • Investigate problems with spectrum analysis in real-time or event replay modes

Uplink Testing

  • Automated uplink testing enhances the PCTEL® Public Safety Network Testing Solution
  • Grid-based coverage testing for local code compliance
  • Network commissioning and FCC compliance testing


The SeeHawk Monitor System

The SeeHawk™ Monitor system is easy to install and is scalable to the needs of any network. Remote Test Units (RTUs) monitor spectrum and measure radio signals at each radio site. The SeeHawk Monitor Platform Manager remotely monitors and configures all RTUs in the system, and provides powerful tools for investigating issues.

Find out how SeeHawk Monitor can help your network

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