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Optimize mobile network performance and expand your 5G footprint

With a growing reliance on wireless technology for applications including video streaming, public safety, and industrial automation, wireless networks operating at peak performance is critical. As technology advances from 4G to 5G, PCTEL continues to provide mobile network operators with new ways to manage spectrum efficiently and ensure high-speed coverage wherever it’s needed.


Deploy New Technologies

Efficiently roll out new technologies such as 5G and dynamic spectrum sharing on new or re-farmed spectrum.

Manage Network Complexity

Get the most out of all of your cellular technologies and bands with accurate coverage and signal quality data.

Mitigate Interference

Improve network efficiency and user experience by identifying and locating harmful sources of wireless interference.

Increase Network Capacity

Add network capacity and optimize throughput with carrier-grade small cell and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solutions.

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PCTEL is trusted by leading wireless network operators worldwide.

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