Utilities, Oil and Gas

Keep your operations connected in the harshest environments

Designed to ensure connectivity between work teams and Industrial IoT devices, PCTEL solutions improve efficiency, generate revenue, and conserve enterprise resources in the utility and oil and gas industry.


Automate Processes

Successfully automate processes with wireless communications solutions built for reliable performance in the field.

Accurate Tracking and Location

Prevent asset failures and avoid excess maintenance work or premature asset replacements with PCTEL’s GPS sensor communication modules.

Remote Monitoring

Increase efficiency across your operations by remotely monitoring and controlling equipment with PCTEL IIoT devices.

Faster Decision Making

By enabling you to quickly and reliably access data such as energy generation and distribution through IIoT sensors, PCTEL helps you keep pace with increasing demand.

Featured Products

"Our devices will be out in the field for 20-plus years in harsh, high-current and high-voltage environments. So, the ability of PCTEL engineers to come up with an optimal design, keeping all those constraints in mind, was a good thing for us."

Samir Badia
Sentient Energy Director of Product Management
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