TX2440 mmWave Transmitter

Portable CW transmitter for 5G in-building network design

The unique propagation characteristics of 5G mmWave signals require upfront testing with a Continuous Wave (CW) transmitter to ensure proper network design. PCTEL’s portable, high-power TX2440 mmWave Transmitter propagates mmWave signals at any venue for convenient testing with PCTEL® scanning receivers.

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  • Intuitive, customizable interface
  • Small, lightweight form factor
  • Up to 5 hours continuous transmission with optional hot-swappable battery pack
  • Compatible with horn and omnidirectional antennas (sold separately)


  • Provide inputs to design tools
  • Validate preliminary designs
  • Determine coverage overlap for soft handoff locations

Frequency Range

  • 24 – 40 GHz

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