PCTEL is a leader in wireless and 5G connectivity, building solutions that help people stay in touch with each other, machines communicate with machines, and networks remain reliable and secure under the most challenging conditions.

And just as we believe in advancing technology, we also believe in advancing our people. For over 25 years, PCTEL has invested in employee education and training, continually developing new leaders in our workforce.

We are a customer-friendly, highly diverse company that’s looking for driven, creative and collaborative individuals to join our team. Check out our current job openings to see the opportunities available to you around the world.

Our Culture

PCTEL provides our customers with unique solutions to their distinctive needs through excellence and innovation. Our culture sets the stage for success and speaks to how we get things done in our organization.

Our lead-by-example team puts our employees first.  We believe culture matters, more specifically our culture matters.  We support and protect our employees through a strong, positive corporate framework of benefits and programs that align our commitment to behaviors, values, systems, and goals that put our employees first.

At PCTEL, we believe:

  • Integrity, respect and fairness to all people is the lifeblood of our business.
  • Our employees’ unique, individual experiences, differences and backgrounds are worth celebrating.
  • In a healthy work-life balance and a culture of learning.
  • Commitment is key. We keep our word to employees and other stakeholders.
  • Accountability through a culture of lead-by-example inspires improvement and innovation.
  • Collaboration & teamwork are essential to everyone’s success.
  • Taking calculated risks drives innovation, creativity, and growth.

Prospective Employees

Current Employees

Visit the PCTEL employee portal ( ) for U.S.-based employees. 

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