SeeHawk® Central automates workflows to help service providers and public safety officials test, approve, and manage in-building communications coverage and BDA systems.

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Embedded WiFi
Antenna Platform

We’re bringing our connectivity expertise to a broader audience with high-performance, off-the-shelf WiFi solutions.

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Innovative 5G FR1 Omnidirectional Antenna

Addressing the connectivity challenges in mission critical communications.

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Get antenna recommendations for wireless routers at the click of a button.

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Tri-Band WiFi 7 Omnidirectional Antenna Platform

Get unmatched signal coverage in Enterprise, Industrial IoT, and Mining applications.

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Edge™ Sensor

The next step in the evolution of wireless connectivity for smart water and utility

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This new feature for the SeeHawk™ Monitor system monitors 5G NR and 4G LTE network performance and availability, including detection of rogue base stations

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Corporate Video

Watch our video to learn how PCTEL’s customer-centric approach helps organizations stay connected and ahead of the curve so they can make the most of today’s rapidly-evolving technology.

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PCTEL: A Custom Antenna Manufacturer, Industrial IoT Company, & Network Testing Solutions Provider

The PCTEL brand stands for excellence and innovation in antenna systems, industrial IoT devices and network testing and measurement solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers. As a leading provider of network testing solutions, you can rely on our scanning receivers, public safety network testing solution, network testing software, interference locating systems, and transmitters to deliver the real-world data you need to plan, deploy and optimize wireless networks. Simply put – PCTEL enables wireless connectivity.

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