Field Tunable Base Loaded Antennas

Maximum durability in challenging environments

  • Superior performance in heavy duty applications – via matching coil supported by a low loss coil
  • Enhanced appearance and moisture prevention – due to tapered coil housing
  • Adaptable – Mates with all 1-1/8” -18 thread mounts, including 3/4” mounts
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These 5/8 Wave antennas deliver maximum durability in tough environments through a chrome coil design enhanced with a heavy-duty tapered rod.

Model Numbers:

  • MHB5800132
  • MHBDC5800(S)
  • MHB5800(S)
  • MUF4503(S)
  • Harsh environments
  • Heavy duty applications
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
MHB5800 33825 415 Buy
MHB5800 MHB5800 304 Buy
MUF4503 87930 67 Buy
MHB5800 MHB5800 48 Buy
MUF4503 MUF4503 45 Buy
MHB5800 72164131 40 Buy
MUF4503 MUF4503 32 Buy
MHBDC5800 9000014868 30 Buy
MHB5800132 MHB5800132 14 Buy
MHB5800 MHB5800 10 Buy
MHB5800132 MHB5800132 6 Buy
MHBDC5800 36458 5 Buy
MHB5800132 72218 4 Buy
MHB5800132 MHB5800132 0 View
MHBDC5800 MHBDC5800 0 View
MUF4503 MUF4503 0 View

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