Base Station Adapters

Ideal for temporary installations

  • Adaptable – Will accept any antenna that utilizes 1-1/8”-18 thread mounts; mounts on 1” – 1.75” outside diameter masts
  • Versatile – Converts any 136-940 MHz mobile antenna into a base station
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When the situation calls for a temporary installation, these MBS adapters allow a mobile VHF, UHF or 800 MHz antenna to be used as a base station. The provided radials also enable use in areas where a ground plane is not available.

Model Numbers:

  • MBS
  • MBS800
  • Temporary installations
  • Installations that lack a suitable ground plane
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
MBSUHF 97729 1041 Buy
MBS800 10094 192 Buy
MBS 9000006760 119 Buy
MBS 36522 70 Buy
MBS MBS 52 Buy
MBS MBS 52 Buy
MBS MBS 52 Buy
MBS800 MBS800 22 Buy
MBS800 MBS800 22 Buy
MBS800 MBS800 22 Buy
MBS MBS 13 Buy
MBS 74191951 0 View
MBS800 74191866 0 View
MBSUHF 74193166 0 View
MBS MBS 0 View
MBS800 MBS800 0 View

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