Bi-Directional Train Top Antenna

More powerful for your locomotives

  • High port-to-port performance correlation – Dual feed, dual slant ± 45°, linear polarization
  • Extremely rugged – purpose-built for rail and metro applications; meets EN50155 & AAR certification requirements
  • Consistent – Symmetrical patterns maintain same pattern performance over each polarization
  • Versatile – Designed for metallic or non-metallic roof mounting, no ground plane required

Designed to survive high vibration rail and metro conditions, this bi-directional antenna can be roof-mounted on locomotive and passenger cars. Features high port-to-port isolation and dual feed, dual slant ± 45°, linear polarization with symmetrical patterns.

Model Numbers:

  • High vibration rail installations
  • Rail and metro applications
  • Roof mounting on locomotives and passenger cars

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