Black Optimized Welded Yagi Antennas, No Tune

Optimal performance and durability across all 800/900 MHz and UHF frequency bands

With solid 3/8” elements welded to a seamless aluminum boom and finished with polyester powder coating, these antennas offer complete protection in extreme conditions. The aluminum mounting bracket allows for vertical or horizontal polarization.

Model Numbers:

  • BMOY4065
  • BMOY4405
  • BMOY4705
  • BMOY8905
  • BMOY8903
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  • Wide-ranging broadband performance – covers all 800/900 MHz frequencies with no tuning required.
  • Internal mechanism protected against moisture – by 360° welds at element and boom interface
  • Robust materials – Solid aluminum mounting clamps; stainless steel hardware; fully protected electrical connections; fully enclosed low loss feed system; black polyester powder-coated finish
  • Easy installation – End-fed type N connector makes connector readily accessible; can be mounted for horizontal or vertical polarization


  • Harsh weather conditions, including humidity, acid rain, salt spray


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