Bluewave Guardian Yagi Antennas

Engineered for high gain broadband performance

  • Robust – Dipole fully welded to boom; elements and boom crafted from high strength, black powder-coated aluminum
  • Adaptable – supplied with a 2’ pigtail (RG213), N Female connector, mounting clamp
  • Built for harsh conditions – Wind rated > 150 mph; temperature range -40°C to +85°C
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Using solid 3/8” aluminum elements and a fully welded dipole on the boom, these black powder-coated antennas feature an integral low loss 2’ RG213 feed line with a standard N-Female connector. The mounting clamp allows for vertical or horizontal polarization.

Model Numbers:

  • BGYD806K
  • BGYD890G
  • BGYD890K
  • BGYD890M
  • Environments susceptible to high winds and extreme temperatures
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
BGYD890K 72164061 59 Buy
BGYD890K BGYD890K 46 Buy
BGYD890K BGYD890K 26 Buy
BGYD890M BGYD890M 26 Buy
BGYD806K BGYD806K 19 Buy
BGYD890K 343349 13 Buy
BGYD890K BGYD890K 13 Buy
BGYD890M BGYD890M 10 Buy
BGYD806K BGYD806K 7 Buy
BGYD890K BGYD890K 6 Buy
BGYD890M BGYD890M 5 Buy
BGYD890G BGYD890G 5 Buy
BGYD806K BGYD806K 3 Buy
BGYD890G BGYD890G 3 Buy
BGYD890G BGYD890G 3 Buy
BGYD890G BGYD890G 2 Buy
BGYD806K BGYD806K 2 Buy
BGYD806K 313950 0 View
BGYD890M 314209 0 View
BGYD806K 72925586 0 View
BGYD890G 72164060 0 View
BGYD890M 72925587 0 View

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