Bluewave Guardian Yagi Antennas

Engineered for high gain broadband performance

Using solid 3/8” aluminum elements and a fully welded dipole on the boom, these black powder-coated antennas feature an integral low loss 2’ RG213 feed line with a standard N-Female connector. The mounting clamp allows for vertical or horizontal polarization.

Model Numbers:

  • BGYD806K
  • BGYD890G
  • BGYD890K
  • BGYD890M
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  • Robust – Dipole fully welded to boom; elements and boom crafted from high strength, black powder-coated aluminum
  • Adaptable – supplied with a 2’ pigtail (RG213), N Female connector, mounting clamp
  • Built for harsh conditions – Wind rated > 150 mph; temperature range -40°C to +85°C


  • Environments susceptible to high winds and extreme temperatures


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