Dual-Polarized Directional Array Antenna

Dual ports and dual polarization in one high-performance antenna.

  • Two times the utility – Dual ports and dual-polarization in one package; replaces two traditional directional panels
  • High performance –802.11n MIMO data speed and throughput
  • Optimized gain and pattern – for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connectivity
  • Space-saving – accommodates clearances as low as 9 cm in a small footprint; high front-to-back ratio for back-to-back mounting
  • Robust – wall/mast mount bracket withstands up to 56 m/s wind speed
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For point-to-point wireless backhaul, point-to-multipoint trackside WiFi, and a range of other broadband wireless access applications, this dual port, dual-polarized directional array antenna combines two antennas into a single, small-footprint package.

Model Numbers:

  • DAA4959-14DP
  • Trackside
  • Roadside
  • Low clearance areas (as lows as 9 cm)
  • High wind speed situations
  • Where back-to-back mounting is required
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
DAA4959-14DP DAA4959-14DP 23 Buy
DAA4959-14DP DAA4959-14DP 23 Buy
DAA4959-14DP 72925645 0 View

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