Embedded GPS Antenna

Built rugged for GPS devices, mobile asset tracking and GPS timing applications

Ideal for handheld GPS devices, mobile asset tracking equipment and GPS timing applications, this ruggedized antenna features a custom designed ceramic patch element, a two-stage low noise amplifier and a SAW filter, providing optimal out-of-band signal rejection performance and a consistent and clear signal, while minimizing loss-of-lock.

Model Numbers:

  • 3967D
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  • Minimizes interference – High rejection dual SAW filters allow placement near other transmitting antennas
  • Superior filtering – via an innovative two-stage low noise amplifier and a dual SAW high rejection filter
  • Consistent, clear signal reception – minimal loss-of-lock in high-RF fields
  • Flexible installation – comes with internal 1.85” mini-ground plane


  • Embedded applications
  • Handheld GPS devices
  • Mobile asset tracking equipment
  • GPS timing applications


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