GNSS+LTE+WiFi Combination Antenna

Built with Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless hotspot and mobile applications

Built with Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity, this low-profile, multiband GPS antenna is ideal for wireless hotspot applications and mobile or fixed installations requiring voice and data support. It delivers omnidirectional coverage of 4G LTE frequencies plus GPS/GLONASS tracking support.

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  • Extremely low-profile housing – minimizes antenna visibility; maximizes overhead clearance
  • Cost-effective – Multiband frequency coverage and GNSS support minimize the number of antennas required on a vehicle
  • Durable – UV stability for long lasting outdoor operation
  • Protects vehicle surface – via adhesive VHB tape layer, which also supports permanent installation
  • Improves operational dispatch and schedule maintenance efficiencies – via built-in GNSS tracking


  • Wireless hotspot applications
  • Mobile or fixed installations requiring voice and data support


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