Heavy Duty Low Profile Base Gain Mobile Antennas

Low-profile, double-sealed housing for maximum weatherproofing

  • Weatherproof – Low-profile, double-sealed housing
  • Durable – Plated fittings support superior performance in the toughest environments
  • Versatile – Mates with all 1-1/8”-18 thread mounts, including 3/4” mounts
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These antennas feature a heavy-duty low profile base with tapered loading coil jacket, chrome plated brass fittings and an optional heavy-duty stainless steel spring. Available with either an open coil rod or our “quiet” closed coil rod design.

Model Numbers:

  • MUF3505S
  • MUF4065
  • MUF4305
  • MUF4505(S)
  • MUF8105
  • MUF8005
  • MUF8103
  • MUF8325
  • MUF9035
  • MUF4905
  • Challenging environments
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
MUF4505 74716 191 Buy
MUF8103 MUF8103 55 Buy
MUF4505 MUF4505 54 Buy
MUF4505 MUF4505 54 Buy
MUF4505 MUF4505 54 Buy
MUF4505 MUF4505 49 Buy
MUF9035 MUF9035 46 Buy
MUF9035 39629 43 Buy
MUF8005 MUF8005 30 Buy
MUF4305 MUF4305 25 Buy
MUF8325 99421 8 Buy
MUF4065 MUF4065 8 Buy
MUF4065 49107 2 Buy
MUF8103 37098 0 View
MUF4065 MUF4065 0 View
MUF4305 MUF4305 0 View
MUF4505 MUF4505 0 View
MUF4905 MUF4905 0 View
MUF8005 MUF8005 0 View
MUF8103 MUF8103 0 View
MUF9035 MUF9035 0 View

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