High Gain Permanent Mount GPS Antenna

Reliable and clear signal for GPS applications with long cable runs

  • Optimal performance – High gain: 40 dB (typical); Low noise figure: 0.5 dB; voltage range: 2.7-5.5 V
  • Superior out-of-band rejection – Very high rejection dual SAW filter for
  • Powerful – Minimizes loss-of-lock, even in less than ideal conditions
  • Weather proof – All-plastic, non-corrosive, cone-shaped enclosure; radome sheds water and ice, prevents bird perching
  • Choice of mount: ¾ inch thru-hole or bracket mount
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This antenna delivers high gain and great high out-of-band rejection performance for GPS Tracking and Timing applications with long cable runs. It features a precision tuned custom ceramic patch element for maximum signal reception, circuit protection, SAW filter, and a very low noise 3 stage circuit.

Model Numbers:

  • 3978D
  • GPS tracking and timing
  • Long cable runs
  • Stand-alone GPS
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
3978D 384089 31 Buy
3978D 3978D 26 Buy
3978D 3978D 22 Buy
3978D 72164050 7 Buy
3978D 3978D 0 View

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