Integrated Connector Antennas

Convenient and cost-effective connections

  • Durable — UV-stable polycarbonate base allows years of trouble-free use even in harsh environments
  • Broadband frequency coverage — One antenna covers the entire 900 MHz ISM band
  • No need for an adapter — Integrated N male connector allows direct application to many types of radios
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These integrated connector antennas provide a simple and cost effective solution for the ISM band. Featuring an N male connector built into the base, these antennas mount easily to any N female bulkhead or panel mount connector.

Model Numbers:

  • MN9153
  • MN9155
  • ISM applications
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
MN9155 MN9155 600 Buy
MN9155 MN9155 96 Buy
MN9153 9000007197 67 Buy
MN9153 MN9153 50 Buy
MN9153 MN9153 0 View
MN9153 74191902 0 View
MN9155 74193177 0 View
MN9153 MN9153 0 View
MN9153 MN9153 0 View
MN9155 MN9155 0 View
MN9155 MN9155 0 View

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