Integrated Connector Antennas

Convenient and cost-effective connections

  • Durable — UV-stable polycarbonate base allows years of trouble-free use even in harsh environments
  • Broadband frequency coverage — One antenna covers the entire 900 MHz ISM band
  • No need for an adapter — Integrated N male connector allows direct application to many types of radios
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These integrated connector antennas provide a simple and cost effective solution for the ISM band. Featuring an N male connector built into the base, these antennas mount easily to any N female bulkhead or panel mount connector.

Model Numbers:

  • MN9153
  • MN9155
  • ISM applications
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
MN9153 MN9153 100 Buy
MN9153 MN9153 100 Buy
MN9153 MN9153 100 Buy
MN9155 MN9155 96 Buy
MN9155 MN9155 79 Buy
MN9155 MN9155 79 Buy
MN9155 MN9155 79 Buy
MN9153 9000007197 67 Buy
MN9153 MN9153 50 Buy
MN9155 24084 28 Buy
MN9153 511483 0 View
MN9153 74191902 0 View
MN9155 74193177 0 View
MN9153 MN9153 0 View
MN9155 MN9155 0 View

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