LPCA-MIMO 5G Low Profile Combination Antenna

5 in 1 Cellular + GNSS + WiFi

  • 5 in 1 antenna
  • 5G and WiFi 6E
  • 2x Cellular Main: 617-960 / 1710-2690MHz / 3300-5000MHz
  • 2x Cellular Secondary/ WiFi-6E: 1427-7200MHz
  • 1x GNSS: GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou
  • LNA gain 30dB with pre-filter
  • Approved according to ECE-R118
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LPCA-MIMO 5G offer excellent RF performance in a discreet rugged, low-profile design supporting, Cellular MIMO 4×4 LTE/5G, GNSS or 2×2 LTE/5G and 2×2 MIMO Wifi-6E in a low-profile casing with durable design. The antenna platform is configurable enabling adaption to your antenna system need. LPCA-MIMO 5G standard configuration contains two cellular band antennas designed for 617-960/1710-2690/3300-5000MHz, two secondary LTE/WIFI-6E antennas 1427-7125MHz and a LNA equipped GNSS antenna. LPCA-MIMO antenna platform is designed to support multi system solutions making it perfect for fleet management, track and trace, navigation, cargo handling and V2X. Dual feed GNSS antenna enables excellent Axial ratio and gain. Pre-filtered LNA ensures functionality in a combination antenna.

Model Numbers:

  • 710673
  • 710674
  • 710675
  • 710676
  • 710677
  • 710678
  • Public safety
  • Fleet management
  • Navigation / Positioning
  • Agriculture, construction equipment
  • V2X
  • Cargo/load handling

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