Mounts and Accessories for Base Station Antennas

Wide selection of base station mounts and accessories

PCTEL offers a wide selection of mast, pipe, wall, and tower mounts and accessories for directional and omnidirectional antennas, for both indoor and outdoor use.

Model Numbers:

  • MMK8A
  • MMK9
  • MMK12
  • BAM1005
  • BAM1009
  • BAM1011-HCA
  • BAM1017
  • Mounts for directional antennas: MBSWM
  • MPAB14
  • MYK3
  • MYK10
  • BWC1001
  • BWC1001A
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  • Heavy duty mounts and accessories featuring different materials based on application


  • Indoor and outdoor


Questions? We can help you find the right antenna for your application.

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