Multiband 5G cellular & 802.11ac Antennas with High Rejection GPS/GLONASS

Features two 5G elements compatible with the world’s leading cellular routers supporting 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequencies

  • No field tune, multiband coverage: 5G cellular, WiFi, and GPS L1/GLONASS frequencies.
  • Designed for raised rooftop rib installation – optimizes RF performance by eliminating the shadow interference from the rooftop ribs often experienced with recessed location installations.
  • Patent-pending flexible gasket geometry – adds installation flexibility along the center rib of the vehicle’s rooftop, with improved clearance for mounting hardware.
  • Patent-pending, watershed conformable gasket construction – reduces freeze-thaw potential and optimizes the seal between the radome and baseplate for reliable ingress protection
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Antenna platform with purpose-designed footprint to allow seamless installation on leading public safety sports utility vehicles with narrow ridged rooftops. Supports the high-speed requirements of complex RF communication systems used for critical communications in FirstNet® public safety and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).

Model Numbers:

  • TRP-20INT-3-B
  • TRP-20INT-5-B
  • TRP-20INT-6-B
  • TRPS-20INT-2458B
  • FirstNet
  • Public safety vehicles
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • High precision tracking
  • Asset management
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
TRP-20INT-5-B TRP-20INT-5-B 26 Buy
TRP-20INT-3-B TRP-20INT-3-B 10 Buy
TRP-20INT-5-B TRP-20INT-5-B 10 Buy
TRP-20INT-6-B TRP-20INT-6-B 10 Buy
TRPS-20INT-2458B TRPS-20INT-2458B 10 Buy
TRP-20INT-3-B TRP-20INT-3-B 9 Buy
TRPS-20INT-2458B TRPS-20INT-2458B 5 Buy
TRP-20INT-6-B TRP-20INT-6-B 3 Buy
TRP-20INT-6-B 251136 0 View
TRP-20INT-3-B TRP-20INT-3-B 0 View
TRP-20INT-5-B TRP-20INT-5-B 0 View
TRP-20INT-3-B 72163022 0 View
TRP-20INT-5-B 72163023 0 View
TRP-20INT-6-B 72163024 0 View
TRPS-20INT-2458B 72163025 0 View

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