Specialty Mounts for Mobile Antennas

Specialty Rooftop and Mirror Mounts

  • K166 mounts – 3/4” hole rooftop mounts for 800 MHz “male-female contact” antennas
  • K44 mounts – 3/8” snap-in rooftop mounts for quarter wave antennas
  • MBM series mirror bracket mounts – in black or chrome, with a 1-1/8″-18 thread
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PCTEL offers a range of specialty rooftop mounts and MBM series mirror bracket mounts to fit a variety of installation needs.

Model Numbers:

  • K44
  • (B)MBM-NC
  • (B)MBM
  • (B)MBMC
  • (B)MBMPL
  • Rooftop installations
  • Mirror mounts

Currently unavailable at our partner distributors. Please contact us to request a quote directly.

Questions? We can help you find the right antenna for your application.

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