Tri-Band Monopole Antenna for 2.4/5/6 GHz Wi-Fi

Embedded WiFi Antenna

  • Easy to deploy: the antenna mounts directly to a metal ground plane using two screws
  • Small and low-profile: the antenna is easily integrated into tight spaces or onto multi-antenna platforms
  • The high impedance bandwidth over 2.4 GHz enables good impedance matching and radiation efficiency in a variety of deployment scenarios, including those compromised by obstructions
  • Comes with a micro-coaxial cable soldered to the element that is terminated in a U.FL-style connector
  • Approved for use with the PCTEL RM-WIFI-AC-2X2-HP 5 GHz radio module
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The EMB-910003 antenna element is a tri-band monopole antenna that covers the 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz WiFi bands. It is a compact, vertically-polarized antenna that is designed for use in multi-antenna platforms where polarization diversity and element-to-element isolation are key objectives. The omnidirectional radiation patterns are well-suited to ceiling-mount and high-density deployments such as office spaces and airports.

The antenna mounts directly to a metal ground plane with two screws and is terminated in a micro-coaxial cable having a U.FL-style connector. The solder termination of the coaxial cable is strengthened through the use of an extruded hole in the base of the element. Additionally, the EMB-910003 antenna is approved for use with the PCTEL RM-WIFI-AC-2X2-HP 5 GHz radio module.

Model Numbers:

  • EMB-910003
  • Game Consoles
  • Access Points
  • PC-Cards
  • Portable Devices
  • Wearable devices
  • MIMO Systems
  • Network Devices
  • Set-top-box
  • IP Cameras
Distributor Region PCTEL Part Number Distributor Part Number Available Action
EMB-910003 EMB-910003 4993 Buy

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