Product Status: End of Life (EOL)

VenU® Directional MIMO Panel Antennas

Spatial and polarization diversity in areas of heavy mobile data demand

FP2458-DP3X3-RPC, FP2458-DP3X3-RPSMA, FP2458-DP3X3-NM, and FP2458-DP3X3-RPNM have reached end of life.

  • High performance – Coverage of 2.4-2.5 GHz and 5.1-5.9 GHz frequencies
  • Expansive – Six-port MIMO design (three ports for each frequency band); Integral high performance, low loss Plenum rated cable jumpers
  • Optimal coverage – Superior beamwidth and gain characteristics
  • Flexible – Fully adjustable mount for pipe or wall mounting
  • Enhanced safety – UL 94 HB listed materials

This antenna provides spatial and polarization diversity multiband and WiFi coverage in an attractive, low-profile housing. The platform was designed to provide optimal outdoor or in-building coverage for areas or events with a large number of mobile data users.

Model Numbers:

  • FP2458-DP3X3-RPC
  • FP2458-DP3X3-RPSMA
  • FP2458-DP3X3-NM
  • FP2458-DP3X3-RPNM
  • Indoor and outdoor installations with a large number of mobile data users

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