VenU® Dual Band, Six-Port MIMO Wall Mount Directional Panel Antenna

Spatial diversity coverage in areas of heavy mobile data demand

  • High performance – Dual-band coverage of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz broadband wireless frequencies
  • Expansive – Three 2.4 GHz and three 5 GHz integrated elements terminated with high performance, low loss, plenum-rated cable
  • Low-profile radome – To minimize visibility and maximize clearance
  • Flexible – Fully adjustable mount for pipe or wall mounting
  • Enhanced safety – UL 94 HB listed materials
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This dual-band, directional antenna provides spatial diversity coverage of broadband wireless frequencies. Designed for outdoor installations using multiband wireless LAN access point radios, the platform provides optimal coverage for areas or events with a large number of mobile data users.

Model Numbers:

  • Areas or events with large numbers of mobile data users
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