VenU® Dual Polarization 4-Port Sector Antennas

4-port sector antennas for WiFi MIMO applications

  • Meets important compliance standards – UL 94 HB ASA radome and PC board conform to UL’s high flame retardant rating; meets stringent building code requirements
  • Low-profile housing – Blends well with environments where aesthetic considerations are important
  • Ease of installation – Articulating mount included
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Each element of these 4-port sector antennas can be used individually or in combination to provide coverage for legacy access points. Enclosed in a low-profile, lightweight, and rugged UV-protected radome.

Model Numbers:

  • FPMI58-DP404NM
  • FPMI58-DP410NM
  • FPMI58-DP403NM
  • FPMI58-DP403RPSM
  • WiFi MIMO

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