VenU® Dual Polarization 4G/5G MIMO Directional Panel Antenna

Multiband coverage in a rugged housing

This antenna offers multiband coverage, high gain, and a rugged housing design with a heavy duty mounting bracket, for mast or wall mount installations. It is ideal for small cells, indoor/outdoor DAS systems, and Oil and Gas utility sites.

Model Numbers:

  • PLTE7027M
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  • Optimal coverage – MIMO broadband directional coverage
  • Rugged – Heavy-duty articulating mount; IP67-compliant waterproof vented design; Indoor and outdoor rated
  • Ease of installation and connection: Dual slant polarized or V/H polarization mounting options; N Female bulkhead connectors


  • Small cells
  • Indoor and outdoor DAS systems
  • Oil and gas utility sites


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