NEW! Gflex Scanning Receiver

The Gflex sets a new standard for power, portability, and flexibility in a 5G and mmWave capable scanner. One compact scanner is all you need to support drive testing, walk testing, and government applications for multi-operator 2G-5G mobile networks.

  • Fast and powerful – Test 2G-5G mmWave and sub-8 GHz networks simultaneously, including up to 120 5G channels
  • Portable and convenient – One compact unit is all you need for drive testing, walk testing, and multi-network benchmarking
  • Future proof – Field upgradeable software defined radio features an expanded mmWave and sub-8 GHz frequency range that covers every 3GPP-defined 5G band
  • Flexible – Advanced capabilities including 20/100 GHz wide step IF filter support government applications such as signal intelligence

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