Custom Industrial IoT Product Design

RF design, radio integration, testing, certification assistance, and manufacturing capabilities to help bring wireless industrial IoT products to market.

How We Help

Your wireless industrial IoT product is unique. That’s why we work directly with your team through the entire design and development cycle, from planning to production, to ensure total RF system performance. Along the way, we’ll develop prototype plans and test plans that help to take the risk out of the development and ensure that you have a high quality product that is ready for certification.


We know wireless products from the inside out. Our in-house experts in design, production, and engineering testing all have 15 or more years of experience developing complete wireless products, including radio boards, antenna systems, and enclosures. We focus on the latest technologies, including evolving 802.11 Wi-Fi standards, 802.11ad, Bluetooth/BLE, WiHart, and 4G and 5G wireless.

Product Examples

  • Sensor communication modules
  • Client devices
  • Access points
  • Routers
  • Radio modules or cards


  • System Specification development
  • Feature trade-offs, ROI analysis, risk identification
  • Overall project schedule
  • Block diagram development
  • Component selection
  • Proof-of-concept prototype

Design and Radio Integration

  • Radio specification design and prep, including test circuits and prototype boards
  • Cost-effective antenna element design with a creative approach to materials and broad technology expertise
  • Radio and motherboard design
  • Mechanical design, including radome, enclosure and thermal design for indoors or outdoors
  • Test plan design and execution, including unit-level testing, system-level testing, OTA testing for 4G devices
  • Noise and interference mitigation

In-House Testing

  • Radio, system, and mechanical Design Verification Testing (DVT)
  • High fidelity 3D electromagnetic modeling
  • RF modeling and testing
  • Sophisticated mechanical modeling including FEA and MES analysis
  • Radio Design Verification Testing (DVT) and production testing
  • Environmental testing
  • Rapid, accurate simulation and measurements
  • Top of the line Satimo near-field antenna test chambers
  • ETS-Lindgren far-field antenna test range

Certification Assistance

  • Pre-testing for EMC certification
  • Pre-testing for FCC radio approvals
  • Pre-certification OTA testing (TRP/TIS) for 4G devices