Defense, Military, and Precision Solutions


Today’s highly interconnected world demands that defense organizations utilize the latest wireless technologies. Military and defense communications must be secure, fast, and extremely reliable. Precision, uninterrupted timing and tracking information is crucial not only for defense applications, but for commercial aviation and precision agriculture as well. Military, defense, and other government agencies and critical infrastructure providers also need to gather information about wireless networks to protect people, defend businesses, and keep infrastructure secure. These performance critical applications need wireless technology solutions that get the job done in even the harshest environments.


PCTEL is a leading global supplier of advanced antenna systems for military applications. Our antennas are utilized by leading organizations in a wide variety of defense and precision applications including unmanned airborne vehicles (UAVs), electronic IED countermeasures, missile and vehicle telemetry, precision GNSS aviation, farming, RTK, munitions guidance, SATCOM, military asset and vehicle tracking, portable ground and satellite communications, and timing synchronization. PCTEL also provides some of the world’s most advanced radio scanner receiver solutions, used in surveillance and reconnaissance systems. PCTEL’s flex scanning receivers can detect, modulate and monitor commercial, public, or non-standard wireless communication systems in the range from 10 MHz to 6 GHz. PCTEL can customize scanning receiver functionality based on unique requirements, including fixed and mobile installations.