Industrial IoT Solutions


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) promises to transform the way we do business by applying new technologies such as machine learning and predictive analytics to millions of connected devices. The IIoT promises huge gains in efficiency, safety, and security, but these gains can only be realized if devices stay connected. Wireless technology using both licensed and unlicensed spectrum now drives a variety of industrial applications, including process automation, mobile resource management, fresh and waste water management, and smart grids.


PCTEL develops antennas, test tools, and embedded devices that keep the IIoT connected. We are experts in wireless technologies used in the IIoT, from legacy narrow band technologies to modern Wi-Fi and 4G LTE to newer technologies such as NB-IoT and LTE-M. PCTEL’s antenna products include rugged base station and remote site antennas to suit a variety of deployment scenarios; GNSS antennas that synchronize devices in power plants and substations; embedded antennas and complete wireless product development for sensors, gateways, access points, and other industrial IoT devices; and high performance RF cable and ancillary products for site installations. When outside wireless signals disrupt network performance, the SeeWave® interference locating system makes it easier to detect and locate their source. Finally, PCTEL’s SeeGull® flex scanning receivers and SeeHawk® Touch software provide crucial NB-IoT and LTE data used in all phases of IIoT network deployment.