Public Safety

Continuous connectivity for mission critical communications

Public safety fleets, first responders, and critical infrastructure rely on wireless technology to stay connected, indoors and out. Our purpose-built antennas, public safety network testing, spectrum monitoring, and BDA information tracking solutions are designed to enable mission critical LMR and broadband public safety connectivity, including P25, TETRA, LTE/FirstNet, and even 5G networks.

Applications & Benefits

In-Building Coverage

First responders need reliable radio coverage to stay safe during an emergency. Meet or enforce in-building coverage and BDA commissioning test requirements with our automated testing solution and workflow management platform.

Interoperable Communications

Improve response times and coordinate effectively between different agencies with high performance multi-band antennas and efficient coverage testing for interoperable LMR and broadband networks.

Mission Critical Data

Our customizable FirstNet Ready™ antennas and testing solutions  improve intelligence, safety and operational efficiency, enabling successful broadband deployments for mission critical applications.

Real-Time Video

Ensure reliable video streaming in the field with our durable, high performance antenna solutions for in-vehicle video and surveillance systems.

Featured Products

The PCTEL SeeHawk™ Monitor system is very useful for monitoring interference and for BDA system testing. It has already proven itself by assisting us in locating a bad BDA that was causing major interference to our radio system.

Lewis Cheatham
Manager, City of Greensboro Technical Services Division
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