Intelligent Transportation Systems


Connected cars, motor coaches, mass transit, Positive Train Control (PTC) systems, commercial fleet management systems, and fully autonomous vehicles leverage wireless technology to improve safety, increase efficiency, and deliver new and improved rider experiences. Yet this landscape of current and future intelligent transportation systems, enabled by a complex web of wireless technologies, also poses serious challenges. Intelligent transportation system deployments must avoid interference between technologies in order to deliver new services, while also adhering to budgetary constraints and regulatory requirements.


PCTEL offers a wide array of antennas, test tools, cabling, and accessory products to help meet these challenges and enable the next generation of transportation experiences. Our mobile antennas offer multi-band, multi-technology connectivity in low-profile housings designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. PCTEL’s antennas include industry-leading high rejection GNSS/GPS technology, which filters out interference to provide a more reliable connection to GPS satellites. PCTEL’s base station and small cell antennas increase network capacity and provide point-to-point and multi-point connectivity to reach transportation infrastructure. PCTEL’s scanning receivers provide high-quality, real-world RF measurements needed to build, tune, troubleshoot, and optimize wireless networks that serve transportation systems.