Interference Locating System

Wireless Interference

Interference, caused by everything from fluorescent lights to garage door openers to unlicensed radios, can reduce data rates and Quality of Service on 4G LTE networks. With many potential sources of interference on newly available and re-farmed spectrum, 5G networks could be impacted as well.

SeeWave® Interference Locating System

SeeWave® speeds up and simplifies the interference hunting process. SeeWave is a modular system, making it both economical and adaptable to new frequency bands. A host platform links the scanner to both a direction-finding antenna and a touchscreen tablet. The platform can be comfortably held in one hand while the user operates SeeWave’s intuitive software application.

Advanced scanning receiver-based spectrum analysis measurements detect interfering signals

Proprietary algorithms and triangulation mapping locate the source

System Components

Platform and Antenna

  • Host platform connects the scanning receiver to the antenna and tablet-controlled software
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design for one hand operation
  • Easy-to-hold grip with trigger for recording interfering signal location
  • Custom PCTEL antenna enables accurate interference location
  • Includes digital compass and pre-amplifier for accurate direction finding
  • Ability to mount different antenna types to evaluate cellular bands worldwide
  • Specially designed to attach a range of tablets


Tablet-Optimized Software Application

  • Android™ based touch screen application
  • Intuitive interface with a simple workflow and minimal learning curve
  • Efficient session management – set up and save working sessions with ease
  • Rich charting options to quickly identify interfering sources
  • Simplified open street based mapping and triangulation functionality
  • Record and playback data for effective and detailed analysis


Scanning Receivers and Walk Test Kit

  • Works with SeeGull® flex Scanning Receivers
    • Existing PCTEL scanning receivers compatible with SeeWave
    • Increase return on investment of current equipment and avoid additional expenditures
    • Interference locating function adds to scanners’ testing applications across the network life cycle and boosts ROI
  • Use walk test kit with carrying pack to hold scanner, hot swappable batteries, and additional accessories

Please contact your sales representative to find out if your scanning receiver is compatible with SeeWave.