Smarteq’s 2021 Highlights

December 20, 2021

Dear partners Smarteq has an exciting development and operates in several segments where the common denominator is the connection of different units. Here we see that antenna functions play an increasingly important role in ensuring that the connection is not disturbed, even in harsh conditions. The general trend is that more and more units are connected, which benefits the company's competitiveness with our products. Smarteq is today an antenna partner for some of the world's most exciting technology companies in the three business segments Energy, Vehicles and Industry. We therefore see good opportunities for profitable growth in these segments in the coming years. In 2021, Smarteq delivered more than 1 million antennas to customers in over 40 countries through both direct sales and through distributor partners. The company has well-proven processes, a flexible production and logistics approach and has demonstrably the specialist competence, quality certifications and experience required to take on new business. Smarteq is certified according to both IATF 16949 (standard for the automotive industry) and the environmental certification ISO 14001. On May 1, Smarteq was acquired by US based PCTEL Inc. The driver for the acquisition is to strengthen the European market and also utilize Smarteq´s strong brand and product range in the market and beyond. We see significant potentials to grow together on the different market with combined efforts and the integration work with the both companies will increase during 2022. Business wise, 2021 was a great retake from the pandemic effects and slow down we saw during the previous year. The existing customers have placed orders at a higher volume than expected which we estimate that will continue in the coming year. The area for commercial vehicles is increasingly connected. The ability to add value through reliable connectivity, resulting in improved productivity, security. During the early 2021, Smarteq won a significant deal with a new customer in the intelligent transportation sector where volumes will start in 2022. Charging infrastructure for electric cars is growing as more and more electric cars are available on the market. During the year, we have won a significant business with a major player in the sector and we see that this business will increase in the coming years. Smart electricity meters: a number of roll-outs of smart electricity meters are underway in the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe as an ongoing initiative within the EU to optimize energy distribution and the use of energy. Smarteq is well positioned in the collaboration with several major global customers. We have won a new significant deal with a new major energy company for the German market and the deliveries are expected the start in the beginning of 2022. During the year, Smarteq invested in future growth by clarifying the product range and reviewing the cost structure with e.g. shipping and logistics costs which increased significantly under Covid 19. Smarteq's brand is strengthened through an update of the marketing communication, improved website, webinars with our partners, and active promotions. All in all, we see good opportunities for growth in the markets in the coming years, and as a part of PCTEL we will continue to serve our customers in the best way! I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great new year!

Products & Solutions

Smarteq is committed to contributing to a more connected world. This year, we have expanded our product portfolio and developed new products and upgraded our popular antenna platforms, to meet the continously growing market needs. 


One of Smarteq's latest addition to its portfolio is MiniBlade - a slim, flexible and discreet adhesive mounted Ultra-Wideband antenna. The size and flexible mounting possibilities enables a variety of use cases and installations in applications such as WiFi mesh network, internet on board buses, EV-charging boxes, and distributed 5G 4×4 MIMO. It supports radio devices operating in the ranges 2400-6000MHz such as WiFi, Bluetooth, 5G, V2X. Read more about its capabilities here


Smarteq’s popular antenna AllDisc family is now offered with 4 x WiFi  AllDisc is an omnidirectional hole-mounted antenna Wifi 2.4/5GHz to be used in “Internet on board” applications, such as busses where high throughput and coverage are needed. Robust and suited for public installations in sports arenas/ shopping malls and on/in vehicles. LPCA is now offered with TETRA applications - LPCA10!  LPCA10 is a low-profile rugged/durable antenna for TETRA applications operating at 380-410MHz.The antenna platform can also be combined with other antenna options such as GNSS in LPCA10. Perfect match for busses, ambulances and fire brigade where high reliability and performance is of great importance. AllDisc S is now upgraded with MIMO WiFi AllDisc S is a 3 in 1 antenna including cellular 2/3/4/5G and 2x2 MIMO WiFi 2/5GHz with a low profile and durable design, making it perfect for M2M applications, internet on-board, cargo handling and smart metering. GNSS+ Upgrades : AllDisc GNSS+ , LPCA MIMO GNSS+ Maximize availability in difficult environments with multi-cosntellation GNSS antenna. Dual feed GNSS antenna enables excellent Axial ratio and gain. Pre-filtered LNA ensures funcitonality in a combination antenna. More info to come in Q1!  

Supply Chain

This year the whole world experienced instability following the pandemic, restrictions implemented in the mobiliity of the working force in Asia, limited availability of freight slots from Asia to Europe, and shortage in supply of critical raw materials. To mitigate and manage the impact of these unforeseeable circumstances and to extend our support to our distributors and customers during these challenging times, Smarteq created several action paths inlcuding; increasing its buffer stock for additional parts of the high runners, frame ordered, and forecasted parts even without committed orders, finding alternative shipping routes, closely following our production to improve capabilities, and working closely with our customers to improve planning. Smarteq will continue to monitor the supply chain challenges we have seen during the year to strive to keep our customers supplied.

A Growing Team

At the start of the year Smarteq welcomed Göran Sandström as its new CEO. With his extensive knowledge in the industry and encouraging leadership, Göran continues to lead Smarteq towards the rapid growth it is facing ahead. Also joining us this year is Jan Häyhtiö, who has been a big asset in Smarteq in managing and mitigating the consequences of the global supply chain challenges this year. Finally, with the addition of Christine Valenzuela and Stella Ekström, we are able to strengthen our Finance and Sales teams, and provide continous support to our partners and customers. Smarteq is also looking for an Account Director! Join us in our growth.


We would also like to thank everyone who joined us in this year's virtual Hannover fair and Enlit Europe in Milan! Smarteq was thrilled to meet you all again and to hear exciting news from all fronts makes us even more enthusiastic and excited for the future in energy, vehicle and industry sector. We look forward to meeting you in 2022. Stay tuned for future events!  
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